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Earn money to monetize YouTube channels through an AIR affiliate program

Welcome friends and guests of our site!

Here we will tell you how you can earn on your YouTube channel.

You do not need to pay anything for it and buy any trainings from various pseudo-trainers of online business! Simply connect your channel to the AIR affiliate program and start making profits, the size of which will grow with your channel!

How to do it? Yes, very simple!

To connect to the AIR Partner Network, your channel must be:


If everything is OK with this, then boldly click on the button «join now»

  • fill out the application on the site;
  • wait for an answer on your application: look for a letter in the mail from AIR (Agency Of Internet Rights);
  • do not forget to check the spam folder;
  • carefully read the letters that you send to Email. In these letters — important instructions on how to activate affiliate program on your channel.

It’s all! If suddenly something is unclear or you need advice from an experienced blogger, you can always write to us through the «contacts» page.