Marga Sol’s music counts 17 albums, over 250 compositions composed & produced and is presented and released in more than 5000 compilations by world-known labels. We had a pleasure to talk with her about her personal music and art, about her company, music industry, pandemic state, inspiration… Enjoy!

You are very active in the last few months, publishing dynamically new music pieces, new label Tibetania Records, etc. What’s new in the lab these days?

Yes, the whole team in M-Sol Records works hard, we have a lot of releases, a lot of artists releasing music with us and that makes us very happy. The record label exists already 8 years, with the main purpose to promote high-quality music by quality artists, including new enthusiasts, creating a large musical family. We are focused on releasing Chillout, Lounge, Smooth Jazz, Ambient, World Music, Deep House music … music that will never go down and will always rise. Music that will simply remind you how wonderful it is to be alive!

We just opened our new sub-label Tibetania Records, specializing in World Music, Oriental and Organic Deep House Music. More and more artists are coming in from all over the world, promoting the esoteric sound of existence together.

We are currently focused on activating our radio “Musica del Sol Radio” or so-called “Music of the Sun”, we are preparing the program, DJs, radio shows, all with the aim of greater promotion of our artists and their exposure on the one hand, as well as creating a positive music world in which listeners will enjoy, get inspired, relax or dance to “Musica del Sol Radio” sounds every day. We plan to officially start next month.

This pandemic state inspires artists or…!? What is your impression, anyway,  about the Covid effects and impact on the music industry!?

For some artists the situation we are all in is really difficult, but for those with a real passion for Music, the Covid effect is neglected. Those who really love music, their creativity does not stop.

The positive side of the whole situation is that the music and the whole music scene is digitalized, and we are moving towards that, including every area of ​​life.

There is a total decline in public appearances, concerts, group events and that does particularly affect us DJs, finances in that area are totally declining and I think this will surely last another year or two. But on the other hand, producers are increasingly creating music, because streaming is on the rise, so everyone is a consumer of Music nowadays. Whatever the world, we can not imagine it without Music. People need positive energy, they need inspiration in the whole pandemic mess we are in, so if the music does not relax us and fill us with more positive energy, what else?

One of the last pieces you’ve done is Erotica Vol 6. How would you describe it, what should it be said about it?

The Erotica series has been around for a few years, and yes, the „Erotica Vol.6“ has just hit the air. It is a collection of sensual, deep music that I compile, music that evokes special emotions, feelings and sensations … Eroticism must not be confused with sexuality, because sexuality is a mainstream commercialized term, used to be the fastest way to provoke the mass audience to consume, to buy something, literally initiating the animal instinct, which is far from the spiritual. Eroticism initiates the spiritual part of the bodily experience of emotions, and it is a deep sensation of experiences.

Your company M-Sol Records is doing a lot of music for documentaries, movies, commercials, events… Tell us more about it!?

We are mainly oriented towards publishing music, but we are also involved in the network of film and marketing industry. It is a very big network that is harder to enter, because the competition is huge, but it is a field that is always interesting for us, and it is a great challenge as well.

We generally offer music for various projects that reach us as offers, focusing on promoting more of our long-term artists, with quality music that we think would be appropriate for the project. We offer ready-made music, or we make new one as needed. We do music for commercials, documentaries, short films, fashion or any art events, music for meditation and so on.

Especially interesting to us is your “relax” music created for resorts, spa centers, restaurants, bars… Would you call it a widespread trend?

According to our research and experience so far, Relax Music is the most consumed genre. We offer large catalogs of music, generally Chillout, Smooth Jazz, Ambient, Chill House music for hotels, restaurants, bars, spa centers. We create special play lists, which are updated every month or every week (depending on the internal agreement) and are adapted to the bar, the hour when drinking coffee, or having lunch, or relaxing by the hotel bar, pool, is it summer or winter etc. 

The interest is huge, the artists earn from performing rights, and we meet the needs of the client.

In the process of creating the music, what inspires you the most in the last period, or maybe there is something that drives you to be constantly inspired!? 

Literally from everyday life. For me, every experience is an inspiration, good or bad, all those events and experiences are moments for which I am happy to be alive because I can experience them, I can create, create, share …

In my head every event, every experience has a sound, has a tone, has a melody … Life is a complex music of variations of tones! But Nature, our beautiful Planet Earth with all its forms and beings, causes me the strongest emotions, because by connecting with it, I connect even more strongly with myself, with my whole and total existence, and then the most unconscious sequence of frequencies flows through me, tones, melody … Music … And when I create, I do not think, I just feel and express …

We all have some way to relax. Recommend one. Give us one relaxing tip!

The best way to relax the mind is to walk in nature. The feeling of connection with mother nature literally reminds us of our existence, our essence. Walking by the sea at sunrise or sunset, walking through deep forests, hiking, cycling…

For those who are spiritually deeper, meditation is a necessary tool to calm the mind from all the chaos in which we live on a daily basis.

Reading inspirational books, listening to inspirational speeches and of course listening to CHILLOUT and Ambient Music, music that exists for that purpose, to relax, to fill us with beautiful, bright energy.

At the end of this interview, please, send one special message to our readers and fans!?

Things have always happened, pandemics, wars, floods, earthquakes, fires … But tomorrow the tree will bloom again, the sun will shine, and here we are, still part of this great beautiful organism, the Planet. 

We create happiness by ourselves, we recognize it. 

Be grateful for every good experience, accept and learn from every not so good experience, because the most important lessons are the most difficult! I have learned to recognize Happiness in myself, around me, because there is always that white dot in the greatest darkness, it depends on what we decide to be focused on!

And NEVER forget to find time to RELAX, to enjoy, to laugh, and to listen to Good Music… Because Life is Much Easier when you LEARN to RELAX!