We’re bringing you the exclusive interview with Thomas Lemmer, a popular electronic and ambient music producer. With 13 albums, 10 Eps, and 22 singles, and multiple appearances on top-class Chillout/Electronic compilations, Thomas Lemmer is considered one of the most active and established artists of his genre. Over 18 million streams on Spotify alone prove his relaxed sounds are highly on-demand in this fast and hectic world. Enjoy!

Your 13th album, “Ambient Nights” is published… What’s new in your music on this album, or better said, what is different and unique?!

I always wanted to work on a pure Ambient album and realized that I listened to more and more Ambient music from other artists. Then I thought that now is the time to start this project. With every album, I try to do something new, and this was then the right time.

How do you publish and distribute your music!?

I work with the label Sine Music. They, of course, take care of all the business aspects behind my music, and I really enjoy working with them.

What kind of instruments, tools, synths, software… are you using!?

I tend to use hardware synths since I like them more than software, and it keeps me more creative. The accessibility, creation, and modification of sounds is just more intuitive to me. But I also use software instruments whenever needed. I’d say I use 70-80% hardware.

My DAW is Cubase for years. I also believe that when you stick to certain hardware instruments and try to create your own sounds, this really contributes to a unique sound of an artist.

Inspiration. Tell us your experience, what is the inspiration and what is inspiring you the most!?

Many different things, but mostly sound. When I create a new sound on a synth or just browse through the presets, it usually gives me some inspiration for some chord progressions or melodies. I then develop this further into a full song. But I also write on the piano purely and completely focus on melodies and an arrangement as such.

Give us one relaxing tip! What is your favorite way to relax!?

Listen to some relaxing music. I recommend you listen to my album Ambient Nights with headphones and eyes closed. You’ll soon dive into a different world. I tried it several times myself, and I must say, the album really serves the purpose for what I have written it to. Just relax and have a chilled time, fall asleep to, or have a piece of nice atmospheric background music.

At the end of this conversation, please, send one special message to our readers and fans!?

Take some time off for yourself and enjoy some beautiful music.

We should take more time to focus on the music as mostly, we tend to do other things while listening. But it really makes a difference to enjoy this beautiful art with complete focus.

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