How much your website is producing carbon emissions!?

The internet consumes a lot of electricity. 416.2TWh per year to be precise. To give you some perspective, that’s more than the entire United Kingdom.

From data centers to transmission networks to the devices that we hold in our hands… It’s a mega-production of carbon emissions and it’s clearly explained on

There you’ll find a calculator that tells us how much our websites are producing carbon emissions. It’s based on very good methodology.

Calculating the carbon emissions of the website is somewhat of a challenge, but using five key pieces of data, Wholegrain Digital, the creators of this calculator, achieved a pretty good estimate.

Here are the five things that are analyzed and calculated by using this approach and methodology:

  1. Data transfer over the wire
  2. Energy intensity of web data
  3. The energy source used by the data center
  4. Carbon intensity of electricity
  5. Website traffic

Check it out and get the badge!

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