MEET THIS ARTIST: Raphaël Novarina

Raphaël Novarina is an extraordinary artist and composer. He is from Paris and he is known for his unique piano classical music pieces and original approach to the composition of music.

Novarina is into a variety of musical styles and settings, but mainly focuses on contemporary classical piano.

His wide opus includes genres such as contemporary, meditation, relaxing, study, inspirational, soothing, ambient…

Novarina also manages a music label. It’s an “easy listening” music label with albums for Relaxation, Study, Sleep, Yoga, Meditation, as stated on his official social profiles.

Novarina has an extensive collection of albums. There are over 500 albums and it’s an amazing number!

The classical tradition of forms + harmonic and melodic developments.

Raphaël Novarina

His Solo Piano series has over ten albums of original solo piano music. The style of each album varies, but Novarina’s compositional styles are always based on the rich European classical tradition of forms and harmonic and melodic developments. Each album contains solid playing and themed around various forms.

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