The best books about “the healing power of sound”

Sound therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the world and it is not a vain trend, but a very serious scientific discipline.

The effects of sound therapy have been scientifically confirmed for years by prominent science centers. These are sound frequencies that have an effect on the chemistry and physical properties of the human body. Very simple.

These things were part of ancient human knowledge, especially in the East, where such medical methods are still actively practiced today. Today, it is a global thing, people are increasingly turning to alternative medical methods, and if any of these methods are scientifically crystal clear, then it is definitely sound therapy.

Here we present to our readers and fans some of the books that deserve to be recommended to all those who want to get acquainted in more detail with the topic of sound therapy, but also the structure and strength of sound.

The Healing Power of Sound: Recovery from Life-Threatening Illness Using Sound, Voice, and Music

Since 1991, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor has been achieving remarkable results by integrating music, vocalization, breathing, and meditation techniques in his work with patients. In The Healing Power of Sound, he presents his sound-based techniques for self-healing—techniques that anyone can use, whether faced with a life-threatening disease or simply seeking relief from the stresses of daily life.

The Essence of Sound: Full Spectrum Vibrational Healing for the Meridians, Chakras, Auric Fields & Figure Eight Energies

The Essence of Sound is one of the most comprehensive guides to the body’s energy systems available today. A remarkable yet easy-to-use guidebook for healers and anyone interested in enhancing their own health and wellness, award-winning author and energy healer Evelyn Mulders teaches you to use sounds, herbs, crystals, gemstones, aromas, colors and affirmations to orchestrate the energies of your meridians, chakras, and aura into a beautiful symphony.

Human Tuning Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

This book is a ground breaking work that integrates science, sound, and spirituality. You will learn how to tune your body, with tuning forks. When we tune ourselves we tune our nervous system, achieving greater balance, harmony, and wellness in our lives.

Sound Healing for Beginners: Using Vibration to Harmonize your Health and Wellness

Learn how to energize and enhance your well-being on every level―physical, emotional, and spiritual―through hands-on exercises and guided meditations that provide direct experience with sound. As a therapeutic and transformative branch of energy medicine, sound healing offers powerful tools to tune up your health and wellness.

The Little Book of Energy Healing Techniques: Simple Practices to Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit

Energy healing is the practice of manipulating the subtle energy flow in your body to improve the way you think and feel. The Little Book of Energy Healing Techniques is your introduction to the basics of energy healing, featuring a series of simple exercises you can do anytime.

Heal your mind, body, and spirit, with clear and balanced energy that empowers you to live with greater peace and comfort.