TOP 3 UNDER $100: MIDI Keyboards

If you are looking to start with MIDI keyboards and you need a high-end quality under $100, these three products are what you are looking for: Nektar SE25, AKAI LPK25, and CME Xkey.

Nektar SE25

The Nektar SE25 is about as wide as a laptop and gives you all you need to create music on the move: 25 mini keys (that actually play well), six control buttons, and Nektar DAW Integration. So the SE25 is way more powerful than it might seem at first glance.

The average price of Nektar SE25 is around $50.

Nektar DAW Integration for SE25 currently supports Bitwig, Cubase, Garageband, Logic, Nuendo, Digital Performer, FL Studio, Mixcraft, Reason, Reaper, Sonar and Studio One.

You can start producing, performing, and designing sounds like a pro from day one with the included Bitwig 8-Track DAW. It includes over 50 software instruments and effects for use on up to 8 audio or MIDI project tracks, and you can use any 3rd party VST® plug-ins you might own, too. The ‘Bitwig Essentials Package’ comes as part of this package as well, featuring a highly versatile handpicked selection of loops, clips and samples, to make it even easier to get you started.

The official website is https://nektartech.com/se25-midi-controller/


The LPK25 laptop performance keyboard is a USB-MIDI controller for musicians, producers, DJs and other music creators. It measures less than 13 inches across and weighs less than a pound to easily fit into a laptop case, backpack or messenger bag for extreme portability.

Keyboard players who want to work with software on their computer will find that the LPK25 gives their laptop the keys they need to express themselves anywhere.

The LPK25 is a scaled-down relative to the MPK series of keyboard performance controllers. The diminutive keyboard is made up of 25 miniature, velocity-sensitive keyboard keys with synth action.

The average price is between $60 and $70.

The official website is https://www.akaipro.com/lpk25

CME Xkey

Xkey is made from rugged, brushed aluminium. The same material that is used in Macs. It only weighs 600g (1.3 lbs) so you won’t even know it’s there. Pop it in your backpack, or use the optional Xkey carry case.

Xkey is a fully compliant, USB MIDI controller (MIDI is the standard for professional quality music). The most often price is $99.

It’s having Bluetooth, so it is wireless.

Xkey has two octaves and a quick-touch button to instantly go 3×3 octaves higher or lower. The keys are real size keys and press-volume sensitive. So you can play fortissimo or pianissimo.

The official website is https://xkeyair.com